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We Design and Build Passive Homes that are Highly-Sustainable, Energy Efficient, and Beautiful Just Like Your Dream Home Should Be

If you are looking to build a home that helps you cut utility costs while minimising your environmental footprint, then a passive house is the right choice. The team at ATN Constructions is experienced in building eco-friendly structures that comply with the requirements of a passive house.

Choosing ATN will leave you with an energy-efficient home that’s airtight and thermally efficient with a strong structure that’s built to last.

What is a Passive Home?

Some conventional homes built in Australia perform poorly when it comes to energy efficiency. These houses rely entirely on cooling and heating systems to maintain their indoor temperature; a design fault that increases your utility bills.

These high-end heating and cooling systems rely on the power drawn from fossil fuels which contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

A passive house is a building designed and constructed to reduce your environmental footprint. These homes require less energy compared to conventional homes due to airtightness and thermal efficiency, which help maintain temperature without relying on cooling and heating systems.

Well-insulated homes use natural heat directed from the heat recovery ventilation system and targeted passive solar gains.
The airtight and insulated fabric eliminates unnecessary costs in cooling down the home. Less power is required, which means significant savings.

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    Perks of Building a Passive Home in Australia

    Building a passive house comes with a long list of benefits, including fewer utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint.


    The combination of a smart building, excellent design, and proven building science together give these homes an environment that’s free from condensation and mould. As a result, the house lasts longer and possesses fewer structural issues.


    Passive homes built by ATN Constructions are expected to see lower maintenance costs. The durable building components and simple mechanical systems are easy to operate and require minimal charges for their upkeep.


    ATN Constructions builds passive homes using durable roof panels and insulated walls with ultimate airtightness to keep the noise outside your home so that you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment.


    In addition to saving you money, passive homes help improve your health. The HRV (Heat Recovery System) supplies fresh air to the house while eliminating odours, pollens, dust, pollutants, and excessive moisture.


    A passive home maintains the temperature inside the house for longer. Even in the occurrence of a power outage, the temperature in a passive home remains unchanged for a long time.


    Passive homes have the highest energy efficiency, and building a passive home with ATN Constructions can help you save 60-70% on the conventional cooling and heating systems you have been using in your existing house.


    Building a passive home can be marginally more expensive than conventional homes, but these are cost-effective investments in the long run. The reduced heating bills and fewer maintenance expenses save you more money, leaving you with fewer long-term expenses.

    Why Choose ATN Constructions for Building a Passive Home in Sydney?

    ATN Constructions has been in the building business for over 20 years. Over the years, we have built a solid foundation of experience in creating passive homes for our clients.

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    Designs that you’ll Love

    Our team of architects and designers will craft a design based on your preference. When building a home with ATN Constructions, you can trust that you won’t ever need to compromise on aesthetics for reasons of environmental performance.

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    Extremely Durable

    We use the material of the highest possible grade from the best suppliers to make your house last longer and withstand extreme climatic conditions. We take every step to ensure we’re building only the most durable passive homes.

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    High Thermal Performance

    We use a highly thermal roof and walls to ensure the house is airtight. A well-insulated and designed home provides year-round comfort, cutting cooling and heating bills by up to half. This, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Easy to Deal With

    Our team is friendly, thorough and hard-working. We will assist you throughout the entire process of building a passive home. From costs to process detail, we will explain everything you need to know about building a passive house with us.



    ATN uses the best quality material, innovative designs, and proven science to build a passive home for you. We pride ourselves on fair pricing, ensuring you receive unparalleled service at a reasonable cost.

    You can check our portfolio in the gallery section to see some beautiful homes built by us for our clients. If you are interested to know more about the passive house or want us to inspect the block, then click on the Contact Us button or give us a call at 02 9809 2644, 0418 867 997.


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    Tom and his team turned our house into our dream home. Their quality and attention to detail can’t be beat!

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