Our Process

There are limitless perks of building a custom home. To start, you are given the freedom to handpick every detail in the design and construction process.

The procedure followed by ATN Constructions involves multiple thought-out steps that promise a hassle-free experience with us.

The Custom Home Building Process followed by ATN Constructions: An Overview.

It all starts with a meeting at our office.

We begin the process by meeting with you to learn more about your goals for your future house. Please bring any inspirational magazines or project scrapbooks with you to share your design ideas so that we can create your ideal home.

We will then construct a questionnaire to get further information about your lifestyle and how you intend to utilise the home.

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    Site Visit

    Looking at the block is necessary before we can start planning how to make your goals a reality. Our team will go over our plans and prepare for any potential obstacles.

    If you haven’t yet acquired a block, we’ll offer the finest options based on your needs and budget.

    The Conceptual Design

    This phase may be the most exciting for you since you will be able to see 3D renderings of your new home. ATN Constructions also provides house design services, and our designers will create an unique design that is flawless in every way.

    We will also look into any existing designs you may have in order to determine their scope. At this point, our team will offer you with a budget estimate. Our team will begin work on the final design once you have approved the concept design and agreed to sign the PPA (Preparation of Plans Agreement).



    Thorough Documentation

    Teams at ATN Constructions will take care of the complete documentation including the contract and council approvals you need for building a new home or for home renovations.

    Our consultants will be there to present the contract while explaining it in detail, so you know more about the overall project, including the final pricing.

    After you agree with the contract, you are required to pay 5% as a preliminaries fee of the total contract price.

    The Selections

    Here’s another exciting phase of the process that will give a modern look to your home. ATN Constructions can offer an optional interior design service; spending time with you to help with all exterior and interior selections.

    From tiles to cabinetry, you have the choice to choose from a range of selections presented by the interior designer. At this stage, you can decide to make your new home sustainable by selecting energy-efficient appliances and equipment, depending on the project’s budget.

    While you make all the selections, our team will work on getting the council approvals that are required for the commencement of construction.



    The Construction

    After completing all the legal formalities and documentation, our team will start the construction process. Our site supervisor and client liaison officer will report to you about the progress regularly; you are always welcome to stop by the site to see the progress. To ensure safety regulations are met, we just ask that you make an appointment to visit.

    Inspection and Completion of Other Formalities

    Once the construction phase has come to an end, our team will invite you to inspect the property.

    You can check the entire property from post to pillars. After the inspection, the required documents will be signed along with the submission of the final payment. In the meantime, we will prepare your home to hand over to you.




    The handover phase of the process comprises handing over the keys to you with a guarantee letter. ATN Constructions offers a limited guarantee on the construction depending on the services you have selected. The warranty covers any issues that arise within the warranty period, and our team will be there to rectify the flaws (it is unlikely there will be any).

    That’s the entire process of building a home followed by ATN Constructions. We are here to shape your dreams into reality by building you the home you need. We offer a multitude of construction services that include new home building, home additions, luxury home building, pool building, and much more.

    Now, all that’s left is to sit back, and enjoy spending memorable days in your new home!


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