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An Interview With ATN Constructions Director Thomas Nuzzo

Interested in learning more about our Sydney-based home building team? We sat down for an interview with the Director of ATN Constructions, Thomas Nuzzo, to hear more about the business and his journey through the world of construction.

Did you always know you wanted to work in construction?

“No. I wanted to be an architect. So, I started off doing drafting. Only after being put in positions that I had to supervise did I realise that I liked the hands-on, and the physical interaction with people, more than working from behind a computer screen.”

Do you feel like your background as a draftsman has helped you find success in home-building?

“Oh, listen. I think it’s given me the theory behind the construction, so I feel like I know the background behind it. Over the years, in developing the experience side of things, it’s made me a better builder. So, I think they work hand-in-hand, and I think you need both to be successful in construction – I believe.”

What would you say is your favourite part of running a construction company?

I like challenging jobs; things that are difficult to do. I don’t like straightforward things. Sure, they’re great to have; they’re easy—a no-brainer. But what keeps me going is the real challenging jobs that not just anyone can do.

“I think that – and this comes from a lot of my subcontractors – I end up landing jobs that most people don’t want to do, or can’t do. I’d say probably 50 per cent of my jobs are really difficult to do.”

Why do you think clients choose to work with you?

“I think people choose me because when they present their project to me, I seem to have the answers. What they seem to come back to me with is that: ‘No one ever said that. No one’s ever told us that’s what we can do. Or that’s how we should do it. You’re the only one that’s given that [detail] to us.’

“And I think they get that sort of confidence that I actually know how to do their job.”

What’s unique about how you approach your jobs?

“I always tell my clients it’s a two-way street. Yeah, they are choosing me to do their job, but I am also choosing them to be my client. If there’s no relationship there, I just don’t think it will work, and I tend to walk. And I actually tell them that.

“There’s got to be a great relationship, there. It’s got to work. And if it’s not there, you don’t get to the end line happily.”

What’s it like running a family business?

“I think I’m lucky to have every member of my team be a family member. They know where they stand, I know where I stand – they know what the end goal is. We can all see where we could be in the future, so there’s an interest there for everyone. As an employer, I never have to worry that my employees are going to take advantage of me and vice versa. There’s never a [case where] the boys don’t turn up to work because they don’t want to come to work…

“They’re always there unless they can’t come because they’re legitimately sick or something’s wrong. There’s that loyalty thing there, that’s really important.”

What kind of things are you excited to explore in the future?

“Where I would like to be is that the boys are all running their own jobs; that I can be controlling it [the business] from an office position with less worrying about the day-to-day things. And that we can grow the business and take on larger projects, or more projects, knowing that the boys can handle that workload. And then we can achieve our goals; doing a great job with pride.”

If you’d like to learn more about Tom and the rest of our Sydney home building team, you can check out our of past projects here. To discuss your construction needs, contact us here


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