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ATN Constructions - Duplex Builders In Sydney

Maximize your land’s potential with our smart duplex home solutions

Are you looking to maximize the potential of your property to enhance the living space? A duplex home designed by ATN Constructions will be the perfect solution.

Whether you want to build a home from scratch or you are considering a knockdown-rebuild, let us help you decide on the best options available for you.

A duplex home designed and constructed by ATN Constructions will be carefully designed to complement the modern lifestyle. Our stylish home designs, smartly utilized floor plans and top-grade materials make us an ideal choice for growing families, home buyers, and savvy investors.

Double the living space, double the fun

If your family has outgrown your existing house, or you are looking for some extra rental income, a duplex home can be the right choice.

At ATN Constrictions, we help you achieve your dream by building you a duplex house with the extra space you need on the existing block of land. Our teams will assist you through every step of the journey from providing a striking architectural design, to getting the council approvals and finally, construction.

Having a duplex home adds more value to your property, so it’s a win-win as you get more space to live as well.

Why is a Duplex Home the right choice?

There are many reasons why the popularity of duplex homes is skyrocketing, and versatility is at the top. For growing families, investors and first time home buyers, duplex homes are suitable for anyone who needs more space without buying more land.

Whether you want to stay close to your parents or you’re looking for some extra rental income, a duplex home can make it happen.

You get the ultimate choice of what to do with the extra space, which is one of the key reasons our Duplex homes are popular among residents.

What sets ATN Constructions apart from other home builders

At ATN Constructions, we don’t just build a house – we create a place that you can call home!

ATN Constructions is a team of dependable professionals that builds beautiful duplex homes, cleverly utilizing space so you can get the most out of it. We will walk you through each phase of the process, from initial design to approvals and final constructions.

Our teams start the process by listening to your needs and gaining an understanding of what you want from your duplex home.

Our Duplex homes are tailor-made, ensuring that each client gets the options that suit their specific needs. You can rest assured, your experience with ATN Constructions will be stress-free.

Want to know more about what’s included in our duplex home building services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; just click the Contact Us button to start the process.


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