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Your Guide To Building A Chic, And Functional, Bathroom

The bathroom is a space where a considerable amount of time is spent. It’s where you’ll begin and end most days. So if you’re renovating your home, it’s essential to know you’re building a chic, and functional bathroom that you’ll enjoy spending time in. 

The team at ATN Constructions has pulled together five tips that will help you to do just that.

Here’s our guide to designing a premium bathroom space:

1. Invest in a freestanding bathtub and sink:

If you want a bathroom that commands attention, you can’t go past a freestanding tub and sink. These features are luxurious, they achieve a clean look, and they allow for some quirky style options. 

It is worth mentioning that freestanding tubs tend to be on the larger side, however. If you’re limited on space, you might need to reconsider this option. 

2. Install two vanities for more privacy: 

Make good use of available space by building two separate vanities (his and hers, or yours and theirs). The result looks classically elegant while providing optimal space and privacy for each person using that bathroom. 

It also means that on a utilitarian level, more than one person can prepare for the day (or night, or bed) at any one time.

3. Add in a feature wall:

No, we don’t want you to paint the back wall bright red. If the goal is building a chic and functional bathroom, why not introduce some personality or texture by selecting a bold finish for a small section of the wall? 

By choosing a stylish pattern, or mosaic tile, or even a rustic wooden finish, you can inject a little more character into the space. 

4. Don’t think you’re limited to neutrals: 

Just because this is a practical room, doesn’t mean you have to go ahead with a predictable colour scheme. Sure, monochrome and neutrals are tasteful, but touches of colour make a more significant impact. 

Hues of blue, green or peach are particularly popular. These shades might be threaded in with the tiles you select (floor or wall), wallpaper, or even features like your tub. 

5. Use modern lighting fixtures:

Your bathroom must be well-lit. This is the space where your hair is styled and makeup, applied, so you want to ensure you can see clearly. 

Installing a backlit mirror is a modern way to help boost illumination around the face. This kind of feature also adds to a bathroom’s lush aesthetic. For the final touch, pop a light above the mirror; it promises lighting from all angles. Don’t afraid to select fittings that are attention-grabbing, either.

While it is a space designed for function, the bathroom also has the potential to be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home. Following these steps should help give you a good start on that!

If you have more questions on building your dream bathroom, please contact the home building experts at ATN Constructions. Give us a call on 0418 867 997 or contact us here.


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