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Why You Need To Know About Precision When Building Your New Home

Do you know that a lack of precision and accuracy within a construction project, can cause detrimental issues both during and after a job is completed? Within this blog, we will reveal the importance of working with a precision builder. 


Precision is defined as ‘the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate,’ and is a key element of any construction project. 


Undoubtedly, when discussing the topic of precision building, this highlights many areas within the construction process such as: 

  • Confirming the building complies with planning consents
  • Ordering the correct amount of materials
  • Monitoring cost controls
  • Accurate measurements and drawings 
  • Finishing on time without re-work 
  • Detailed site inspections 


Let’s Look At The Facts

– The direct and indirect costs for design errors were revealed to range from 3% to 23% of the contract value.

–  On average over 14 hours per week are spent on dealing with re-work 

68% of construction firms stated that dealing with re-work is the biggest cause of wasted time on site.


A Precision Building Nightmare

The Hart family were thrilled about building their dream home, but 3 months after the project was completed the problems began.

It started when the doors were unable to close and began jamming. When bringing this issue to the builder’s attention, they stated it was due to the changes in the weather.

After a further investigation into the building, a list of faults were identified:

  • Wall and ceiling cracks
  • Roof leaks
  • 20mm gaps between the window and brickwork
  • 152mm difference in the floor level

And the list goes on!

After seeking legal advice and a private engineer, the Hart family was recommended to demolish and rebuild their home due to the defects across the whole property. Yikes!


‘Rework: the unnecessary effort of redoing an activity because it was inaccurately done the first time’ – Love

Precision Build


How does ATN Construction Guarantee Precision on their Construction Projects?

As a building company with over 20 years of experience, ATN Constructions have become the masters of precision. Here are some examples of how they avoid construction horror stories that most clients fear:

  1. A detailed site inspection before starting the design and construction phase of the project

“Often there is not enough time on-site before drawing which could have saved considerable amounts of money. For example, they could potentially reduce the amount of soil or rock that needed to be excavated if detailed inspections were made.” – Thomas Nuzzo

  1. As a qualified builder with an architectural background, ATN Director Thomas Nuzzo will be involved in the whole design process to ensure they are practical and accurate.

“Having a builder involved when it comes to designing your home could save you money.” -Thomas Nuzzo

  1. As experienced builders, the team have worked with a variety of subcontractors and have built a reliable partnership. This ensures we are aware of how they work and the high standard they produce.

  2.  All tasks are completed without fault, due to our hands-on team of supervisors.

  3. Cohesively work is produced throughout the whole process, as a result of our trusted family-based team dynamic.

  4. The ATN Team apply modern and classical methods of construction, complimenting the project and heightening productivity.

  5. By treating every job as their own, promoting care and perfection.


Work with ATN Constructions for your building needs and avoid a construction horror story! Contact us today on (02) 9809 2644

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