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look for in a building company

What To Look For In A Building Company

When looking for a building company, we know it is no easy task. Committing to a builder is a partnership that can extend over months or even years. To help you on your journey, we have identified what you should look for in a building company.

Reputation And References

If you choose your builder based on pretty photos or a good deal, I would think again. One of the most important ways to determine if a building company is reliable and worthwhile is reputation and references. No one will have a better understanding of how a builder works than a past client. Like a job interview, you will always complete a reference check to ensure they fit the part.

Personality And Working Relationships

As stated above, this partnership can be over several months or years. Therefore, it is essential to gain an understanding of your builder’s personality. You can achieve this by arranging meetings with the company before making any final decisions. In addition, it is beneficial to ask questions about any personality clashes or issues during your reference check step.

Support And Communication

Throughout your building experience, it is vital to feel supported and in the loop. Whilst looking for a builder for your project, think about how involved you would like to be through the process. When meeting with your potential builder, discuss your ideal communication method to ensure this aligns with their company. If a company can provide communication options such as voice/video calls, email, or an online app, it will be easier to get in touch whenever you have a question or concern.

Team Qualifications & Awards

Building a new home most likely will be one of your most significant investments. For this reason, you must look for a building company with the necessary qualifications. This step is to clarify that the company is legitimate and have the skills to complete your project.

Though not essential, keep an eye out for any awards that the company has received. This suggestion is another way to reveal their recognition from the community and their level of work.

Understanding Your Needs And Goals

In any case, we want our needs and goals understood, so building your dream home is no different. When expressing your ideas, you and your builder must be on the same page. As a result, your goals will show throughout the whole building process.

A One-Stop Service

Though all the above points are valuable when looking for a building company, this may be one of our most significant. Building a new home can be stressful, so it is ideal to have it as pain-free as possible. Therefore, it is beneficial to choose a one-stop-shop company. Essentially, this means that the company will be overseeing the project from start to finish. The benefit of a one-stop service is that you will have a builder fully aware of your project at every stage, being your main point of communication.

Why ATN Constructions Is The Company You’re Looking For

As a building company with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we have developed a positive reputation in our community. When engaging with potential clients, we always recommend completing a reference check. This step can provide valuable information about how we work, our reliability and our trusted work style to determine if we are the company for you.

In addition, we care about our client-builder communication. As a result, we offer voice/ video calls, updates via our app and face-to-face meetings (when permissible.) We believe this allows for a more positive and transparent building experience.

With qualifications in carpentry, building management, architecture and engineering, our team is well equipped to complete a range of construction projects, big or small. In fact, we were finalists for the HIA Custom Built Home Over $5 million award in 2015.

Finally, as a one-stop service, you can feel reassured that we will be involved in your project from start to finish.


If these points above are what you are looking for in a building company, then give ATN a call on (02) 9809 2644 or email us at