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Custom home design

The Secret To Acing Your Custom Home Design

If you are ready to start your custom home design, you are in the right place. Within this blog, we will reveal the secrets to acing your custom home design.

A Considerate Floor Plan

To start, we understand that you may want to jump straight into building. It is only natural as it is an exciting time but, you do not want to rush the planning stage of your project. When deciding where you might locate each room, think about your current living situation.

Would you prefer the kid’s playroom away from the office to prevent excessive noise?

Is it ideal to have your kid’s bedroom close to a bathroom?

How far will you need to travel with your shopping to reach the kitchen?

Will your TV be blaring at night and disturb others sleeping?

It is beneficial to have an open discussion with your builder and designer, as they may bring some valuable suggestions to the table.

Do Not Rush It!

A Consistent Style

Next, setting the style of your home. Potentially you have seen a range of colour schemes and themes that you love and want to implement them all. If so, then take a step back!

Choose one style or colour scheme and stick to it throughout the whole home. This suggestion also means maintaining similar fixtures and fittings for consistency.

Get some inspiration and find one style that stands out more than the rest.

Optimal Lighting

Did you know that research has shown that natural light can improve productivity, mood, health and stress levels?

With that being said, there is no doubt that you should go windows galore in your new home. Of course, window placement is beneficial to consider. North facing windows will provide the most exposure and will improve your energy efficiency, which we love!

Think about areas where your natural light is essential, such as makeup areas or main living spaces.

Plan For 10 Years Time

Are you planning for your forever home? If so, you have some questions to ask yourself.

Are there more kids on the cards? Or maybe grandkids? Maybe you might need to consider the safety of your home.

Would elderly parents eventually be moving in? If so, the accessibility and mobility of your home is something to include.

When planning your dream home, keep your 10-year plan in mind. Your future self will thank you!

Pretty But Practical

We all want our dream homes to be aesthetically pleasing, but are our decisions practical? When it comes to making practical decisions, small things can make a significant impact.

Let’s start with your sink selection. Possibly, your laundry is one of the smaller rooms in your home. But this does not mean you should select the smallest sink of the market. Potentially, choosing a deep and wide sink will be the most effective option. This tip also goes for your kitchen sink, as this will be much easier to wash large pots, for instance.

Next, we have storage. When it comes to how much storage you should include, more is better. However, this does not need to take away from the appeal of the space. Built-in linen cupboards are always a good idea as they are subtle but effective. If you can add an island to the kitchen, you might want to install deep cupboards or draws for your pots and pans.

Speaking of kitchen islands, adding a sneaky PowerPoint on the side can be very helpful when using large kitchen appliances such as your air-fryer or mixers.

Custom home design


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