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Quality vs Price: Why Choose Quality For Your Custom Home

When choosing the builder of your dream custom home, it really is a big decision. Most likely, you will weigh up what is most important to you, quality or price. Within this blog, we highlight why you need a quality custom home.

The Issue At Hand

Of course, you can have a newly built home that looks great at first, but over time defects can show.
According to studies at Deakin and Griffith University, 12 different defects can reflect in a poorly built home:

  • Cracking
  • Damp
  • Drainage
  • External leaks
  • Incomplete
  • Internal leaks
  • Miscellaneous
  • Regulations
  • Structure adequacy
  • Water hammer
  • Windowsill gap
  • Workmanship


A pretty long list, right? But let’s go deeper!

The research continues by saying:

“Housing quality has also been positively correlated with psychological wellbeing. That is, factors that reduce housing quality such as structural deficiencies, cockroach and rodent infestation and, dampness and mould adversely affect people’s psychological health.”

Not to mention the overall comfort and livability of the home.

Let’s Get This Straight

When we say that choosing quality over price is the way to go, this does NOT mean going for the most expensive quote. In saying that, we would suggest keeping clear of your lowest quote and trying to find that happy medium.

Why Choose Quality

In short, you want a home built for longevity.
It is no lie that quality materials come with a higher price tag, but let’s think long term. When compromising on quality to reduce costs, it is necessary to consider how often you may need to make replacements or repairs that will cost you down the line.
When collecting quotes for your custom home, you may find that some will be significantly lower than others. At this point, it is beneficial to ask why.
Are they using low-quality materials to reduce costs?
Will there be unexpected charges down the line?

The Bottom line

When you’re in a position where your budget prevents you from achieving a quality home, there is no harm in discussing options with your selected builder. Discuss areas where you can and cannot fall short on quality. If you are still unable to find that middle ground on price vs quality, you may also have the option to stage the build.
By ensuring your home is built to a high standard, you increase the comfort, liveability and longevity of your dream custom home.

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