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How to Organise Your Home Renovation – 8 Tips to Consider


Designing and planning home renovation projects can be an exciting and highly-anticipated process for most homeowners. However, when the time comes to begin the home renovation process, homeowners end up feeling stressed and anxious. One of the major reasons for experiencing such challenging times is because lack of preparations and limited understanding of the scope of the home renovation project. Every homeowner preparing for home renovation should consider taking some time out to plan and organise this project for success.

If you are searching for how to remodel a house step by step or how to plan your home renovation, continue reading. We will share some resourceful tips on the best way to renovate a house.

Top 8 Tips to Organise Your House Renovation

1. Determine Your Budget

So, where to start when remodelling a house? Determine your budget and create a home renovation budget planner

When planning for home renovations, it is essential to understand how much you are willing to spend on materials, labour, and other aspects. Pre determining the appropriate budget for your home renovation project can offer you peace of mind and ensure you can financially support the project throughout the time – from start to finish. The budget for a home renovation depends on the size and length of the project.

When determining the budget, consider accounting for all the home renovation cost estimates and then add 15-20% contingency amount to the outcome. The additional contingency amount will ensure you have backup finances ready for your home renovation project, in case any sudden expense arises. 

2. Inspect Property’s Structure

While preparing and renovating a house checklist, make sure you keep this pointer on top of the list and as a priority. The condition of your property’s structure will determine whether the home renovation project will be possible, and even if it does, will it be successful or not. If your property’s structure is in poor condition, you should first ensure to make necessary repairs before moving on to the next stage. The base of your foundation should be firm and rigid, without any damage. If there are issues with the foundation, no amount of renovation or repairs will make sense. Therefore, make sure you inspect your property’s structure for pest and termite damage or water damage. Also, check if there is any solution to such damages before initiating the renovation project.

3. Check Roof Condition

The roof is one of the most critical components of your home as it protects you from the outside elements. As a homeowner, you have to ensure this essential structural element receive special and timely care. Your roof should be clean of any debris to avoid potential damage. If you find damage or missing roof tiles during the inspection, make sure you quickly repair or replace them. The roof of your home should also be well insulated to ensure the conditioned indoor air stays intact and rainwater doesn’t penetrate through, causing roof damage. Your home renovation list should include analysing and determining the health of your roof.

4. Inspect Doors and Windows

Apart from checking the roof condition, make sure you also inspect the doors and windows of the home. The sole purpose of the doors and windows of your home is to protect you and your family from outside elements. If they are not in great condition, chances are it will directly affect the performance and functionality. Therefore, inspect these structural elements and determine if they require a quick repair or complete replacement. We usually recommend our clients install energy-efficient windows and doors for their home renovation projects because of their temperature lock quality and durability. Additionally, they can limit heat transfer and reduce your property’s carbon footprint.

5.Check Electricity, Plumbing, and HVAC Ductwork

Before initiating the renovation work, make sure you check the basic components of your home, i.e. electrical system, plumbing system, and HVAC ductwork. Any issues with these components can result in fatality or property damage. Since your walls and ceilings will be open during home renovation, you can consider installing a new electrical system and fittings for the plumbing system. Hire an expert HVAC company that can put in the ductwork required for air conditioning or heating system. Considering this inspection can ensure all basic components of your home are in a functional condition and perform efficiently.

6. Be Well-Equipped

If you are planning for a DIY home renovation project, it is essential to gather the necessary tools and equipment before initiating any work. Gathering tools and equipment beforehand will ensure the project is complete right on time, without any last-minute blunder. Apart from getting equipment, you also need to ensure that you have enough time and the right skills to manage the renovation project and finish the tasks on time. If you are unsure about devoting your time to the renovation project, consider hiring professional home renovation contractors.

7. Consider Professional’s Help

If you are planning to hire a professional home renovator to help you with the project, make sure you choose experienced and professional technicians. Hire professionals that are well-versed with the work and have completed a considerable number of home renovation projects. Another essential factor to keep in mind is that the price of services will not guarantee the quality of services. Therefore, make sure you do some research on their company and read online reviews and recommendations from old clients before hiring them. Hire a professional with credible work and a proven track record of completing a successful home renovation.

8. Check Material Used

Every home renovation project is considered to achieve maximum comfort and build an energy-efficient, sustainable structure. To achieve these means, you need to pay close attention to the materials used for the home renovation project. Those planning for a DIY home renovation should consider repurposed and locally-sourced material for their project. Another careful consideration is the material treatment. Make sure that the material used is not treated with harmful substances. You might also want to prevent using materials that can emit Volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Some Common FAQs Related to Home Renovation

  1. How Much Will It Cost to Renovate My House?

The cost of home renovation widely depends on your location and the size of the project. It will also depend on your style and how custom it is.

  1. What Order Do You Renovate a House?

Here’s how to remodel a house step by step:

  • Carefully remove items and 
  • Prepare for Structural work (floors, ceilings, walls)
  • Remove plumbing system, heating, electrical wiring
  • Plaster and floor
  • Install plumbing, heating, and electrical wiring
  • Fix bathroom and kitchen fit-out
  • Decorate the space

Get Home Renovation on a Budget

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