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How To Find A Builder That Can Complete Your Job On Time

So, you have finally decided to build your dream home but are worried it will not be finished in time? Potentially you have a major event you would like to host in your brand-new home with all your friends and family. 


“Completion of a project within a stipulated time frame is considered to be one of the critical factors for project success” ~ Chan and Kumaraswamy 


What are the common reasons for delays to your completion date? 

 According to Durdyev and Hosseini, many projects in the field of construction experience delays for several reasons. These can be categorised into unforeseeable delays which are beyond the contractor’s control, and non-excusable delays that are within the contractor’s control. 

  • Weather / Climate conditions 
  • Communication and Coordination 
  • Planning 
  • Material shortage 
  • Financial problems / Payment delays 
  • Experience and Qualification 
  • Site management 
  • Slowness in the decision-making process 
  • Rework due to errors during construction 

And the list goes on!  

  What are some of the impacts of these delays? 

  • Time overrun 
  • Cost overrun 
  • Bridging loan required due to not meeting the settlement date of a property sale 
  • Extension on current accommodation or lease due to expiry 


So, what do ATN Constructions do differently to help avoid delays? 

 As expressed in a recent interview with ATN director Thomas Nuzzo, when it comes to managing a project, it is all about organisation and planning. By making selections and decisions early in the process, it gives enough warning to ensure each step is completed smoothly to prevent delays. 

 Thomas continues to state that “we cannot forecast the weather, that is something we do not have control over, and no one does! But we will have a detailed schedule that gives you a realistic date that you can plan around.”   

 In recent years, ATN Constructions has taken the next step in keeping their clients in the loop through their 24/7 status Project Management Software. Clients can download the app or log in to their account online to see how the project is progressing, approve of any updates or changes and receive notifications on when information or a selection is required. This ensures the project progresses in a timely and seamless manner.  


 The team at ATN Constructions aim to build genuine connections with their clients, displaying full transparency every step of the way. 


Feel confident when leaving your dream home in the hands of a building company you can trust. Contact ATN CONSTRUCTIONS today on (02) 9809 2644 


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