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Master bedroom design

How To Ace Your Master Bedroom Design

When we consider the design of our master bedroom, we’re really talking about a location where we can spend our ‘me’ or ‘we’ time. So, how can we make the most of our private retreat to fully unwind?


Here are five pointers to help you perfect your master bedroom design

An Ensuite

If you have the space, an ensuite for your master bedroom should be on your ‘must-have’ list. It is important to have a bathroom exclusively for yourself or with your partner, especially if you are creating a family home. Yes, a double basin in a premium shared bathroom is a game-changer.

Above all, we want to provide a peaceful haven for you.


Ceiling Fan

During the warmer months, ceiling fans are an excellent energy-efficient option for maintaining a suitable sleeping temperature. This add-on also cuts down on the need for your air conditioner to run all night.

You will not be sorry!


Paint Colours

Wall colours in a bedroom can be difficult to choose.

It all boils down to the sort of home you want, but maybe we can help you narrow down your options.

Avoid reds and oranges, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Warm tones are used to express energy and should not be used in sleeping environments.

Purple with bluer tones, on the other hand, is ideal for sleep and provides a sense of tranquilly, according to studies.

If you tend to change your style frequently, it is best to stick to more neutral paint colours and add colour through your décor and styling choices.



Of course, a walk-in robe is an ultimate luxury in a master bedroom, but we’re looking for the most storage space available. If a walk-in robe is not a possibility, a floor-to-ceiling built-in closet is the next best thing. It is always convenient to have storage areas built to the ceiling for items that are not frequently utilised, such as suitcases and winter blankets.

If you appreciate having your Panadol or hand lotion easily available while in bed, or if you need an extra drawer for your socks, a bedside table with storage space is for you.




Let’s talk about where your master bedroom should be.

We’d want to keep away from entertaining and high-traffic areas that generate a lot of noise. The last thing you want to do is go to bed when the kids are watching TV right outside your door. If you reside near a busy street, situate your master bedroom as far away as feasible to reduce traffic noise.

According to ‘your home,‘ sleeping quarters should be in the south while living spaces should be in the north. This arrangement keeps the bedrooms colder at night, which improves comfort.


With ATN Constructions, you can build the master bedroom of your dreams!