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how long does it take to build a new home

How Long Does It Really Take To Design & Build A New Home?

We all know that building a new home does not happen overnight, but have you ever wondered how long it really takes to design and build a new home? If this question has crossed your mind, you are in the right place. This blog highlights the duration and factors that influence the time it takes to build a new home.

Depending on the size and complexity of the job, on average, a new custom home can take from 9 – 16 months to complete.

Factors That Can Influence The Time To Complete the Build:

Your Land

To start, your land can come with its complications. As a result, your ideal timeframe may be extended.

  • Debris and Trees to be cleared
  • Soil Stability
  • The slope of the land


Before you get the go-ahead to build, there is an approval process to be completed. Depending on the project, either a CDC (Complying Development Certificate) or DA (Development Application) will need to be completed. This process can take from 20 days to 90 days to finalise, so it is ideal to start as quickly as possible.


If you have decided to build a custom home, mastering the design can take some time. With the help of your builder and architect, you will be able to achieve your perfect design. However, this can involve a bit of back and forth to get to your ideal design.
If you are time conscious, it is best to have a well thought out layout in mind to provide your builder and designers. This information can help speed up the process!


As we all know, we can’t control the weather.

Due to unpredictable weather, it is expected that there will be some level of delay. When working with an experienced builder, it is most likely that the weather is factored in, to some degree. If faced with extreme weather conditions, the time frame will likely be impacted.


Making selections for your new home can be a challenge, but it is ideal to choose your materials and finishes as early as possible. Unfortunately, just a few late selections throughout the process can cause delays to the projects.

Have you changed your mind about your windows? Materials can sometimes take weeks to deliver and can impact the overall building schedule.

It is important to have materials ordered ahead of time to avoid waiting for their arrival, delaying the process.

Workers And Supplies

Unfortunately, just because you have your heart set on a specific material or item doesn’t mean it is in stock!
Due to the current situation, it is not always easy to get the supplies or tradespeople you need in time.

This factor can be another influence on the overall time frame.

Your Builder

In the hands of the right builder, the building process should be seamless and transparent.

ATN Constructions, we are aware of these many factors that can influence how long it can take to design and build your dream home. To master the art of transparency, we have a project management tool that provides 24/7 updates for your project.

Faced with a delay? This change will be reflected and discussed with you through the live project timeline. This platform also allows for easy communication by notifying you when a selection is required. This feature allows enough time to make selections to keep the project running smoothly.


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