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Home Design Trends Of 2022

So, you’re ready to start designing your dream home and want to keep up with the current home design trends of 2022? 

We did the research, so you don’t have to! 


Flourish, restore and wonder 


According to Dulux’s colour forecast for 2022, the popular colour pallets of the year are in the three categories of ‘flourish, restore and wonder.’ 



– Warm and intimate colours that highlight culture and tradition 

– Moody hues with warm neutrals 

– Petrol blue, desert red and dusty rose with a pop of vintage gold 


– Comfort and cosy feel, highlight the natural world 

– Monochromatic colours to bring relaxation 

– Raw timber, unstructured linen and textured stone 

– Curves with a focus on form and function 

– Calming tones of ‘buttercream, clay, rich forest green and charcoal-purple 


– Reawakening and celebration 

– Mix and match colours with different patterns and textures 

– Playful mood boosters such as cornflower blue, lilac, lemon and green quartz


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Bringing the outdoors in


Going into our second year of this pandemic, we have spent a great deal of time indoors, so it is no surprise that people want a sense of nature in their homes. 

According to vogue, stoneware, terracotta, marble and travertine will be found across all areas of the home. 

Of course, we can’t forget plants!



Sustainable choices

In recent years, many are turning towards greener, more sustainable choices.

As a result, many are opting for eco-friendly and renewable materials. With Passive House concept becoming increasingly popular, the idea of introducing energy-efficient options that improve the overall heating, cooling and lighting of the home is a no brainer. 

With more renewable materials and energy-efficient selections, people are choosing to build ‘future proof’ homes, which we believe will continue to be on the rise for many years to come.



Natural light 


You just have to love the feel of natural light flowing into your home.

Apart from being more appealing, it also enhances the energy efficiency of the home. So, let that natural light shine, especially in your main traffic areas.




Though we do love staying up to date with the latest design trends, we always recommend choosing something you truly love! 

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