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Custom build vs Project Home? Why Choose Custom

If you have reached this blog, the odds are you are deciding between a custom build or project home. If that is the case, we are glad you are here! In this blog, we will explore the differences between a home built by a custom home builder and a project home company, and hopefully make your decision a lot easier.  


Firstly, let’s define the two:

Project Home:

Project homes are built by a volume-home building company that builders a large number of homes per year. The process includes choosing a pre-designed home from a catalogue. Customers can view a selection of display homes and choose the home most suited to them.

Custom Home:

Custom homes experience is designing a home that is unique to your needs and lifestyle from scratch. This process will involve working with an architect or building designer to create the design of the home.


With both options widely available to the Australian public, choosing the best method mainly comes down to each client’s needs. Therefore, we have formulated some information on why a custom home may be the best fit for you.


Utilising Your Land

If you found the land for your dream home, it is ideal to use the space to its full potential. When it comes to project homes, this is not always an option as is based on a pre-designed plan. When building a custom home there is a detailed site inspection completed to ensure that the home is designed specifically to the dimensions and shape of the land, so it is fully optimised.

No Limitations To Floor Plan Modifications

Maybe you would prefer a larger entertaining space or to add an extra bathroom. These modifications are not always an option when working off a project home design. This can add challenges when trying to make your home suit your lifestyle and needs.

With a custom home design, there are no limitations to your floorplan. By working together with your designer and builder, you can modify the size, shape, and location of every aspect of your home, ensuring it is personalized to you and your family’s needs.

Custom Home

No Limitation On Where You Can Build

If you have landed a perfect location with spectacular views or close to a great school for the kids, but it is a sloping block, a project home may be off the table for you. When it comes to awkward, narrow or sloping blocks, this may not always work with a pre-designed project home.

Comparatively, most custom home builders can optimize a sloping or awkward block to ensure you reap the benefits of your prime location.

Customer Service

Customer service is important in any industry where a product or service is for sale or use. In the building industry, customer service is especially important as the interactions between a homeowner and their builder can extend for several months. As Custom home builders engage in a smaller number of projects per year than volume builders, there is the opportunity for a stronger relationship to be developed. This is also because the client is to work more closely with their builder and designers to customize their new home.

Far from just a number!


Custom Build


Custom Layout And Design

When choosing a custom home, you don’t work around the home, the home works around you and your lifestyle!

Of course, when it comes to a project home there are benefits of having a pre-designed project. As it is already designed, it allows for a faster process to get the ball rolling.

Although, no one knows your taste and lifestyle as you do!

With a custom home builder, they can ensure space is used in the areas you know are important to you. Potentially a large backyard has always been a dream of yours, or an open plan dining and kitchen area. With a custom home, you don’t need to compromise on the things that matter to you, this is your dream home after all!

Quality Finish And Materials

Though pre-selected materials can be very convenient for homeowners, the materials chosen can impact your home greatly. For instance, ensuring the glass is double glazed will increase the thickness of your windows and help with insulation. This will slow down the movement of thermal energy, keeping more heat in during winter and the heat out during Summer. It can also help with noise reduction!

This is just one area where a custom home allows you to take control of the materials used, to ensure you are getting the best out of your new home.

Unique Style  

With a custom home, you can have a unique exterior and interior design! Not only will your home stand out from the rest, but a custom look can also help optimize your price when selling.

Custom Home


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