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Building In A Fire-Prone Area? Here’s What You Should Know

If you are planning to build in a fire-prone area, you have come to the right place. Now, before leaping into building your dream home, it is beneficial to have the right information. Within this blog, we have detailed all you need to know about building in a fire-prone area.

Firstly, What Is A BAL Assessment?

As described by the experts:
‘A BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) is a means of measuring a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact in the event of a bushfire. It is a basis for establishing the requirements for construction to improve the protection of building elements from attack by bushfire.’

What Does the BAL Assessment Involve?

The 6 main steps to complete a BAL Assessment:

  • Determine your Fire Danger Index (FDI)
  • Examine your site’s vegetation
  • Define the distance from the site to the vegetation in question
  • Determine the slope of the land under the vegetation
  • Determine the BAL
  • Apply the construction requirements set out in Australian Standard AS 3959-2009
Building in a fire-prone area

To sum up, we recommend reading ‘Single Dwelling Application Kit‘ provided by the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Now The Construction

Of course, building a new home in a fire-risk area cannot be taken lightly. All safety precautions are taken to ensure the families safety. Each element of the build is considered, from flooring to roofing and everything in between.

In short, your material selection will be dependent on the provided BAL rating. An example of this would be if an area of the home is rated BAL FZ (Flame Zone), all windows and doors must have a metal frame with a minimum of 6mm toughed glass. However, in a BAL 40 rated area, windows can be metal, bushfire resistant timber or metal reinforced uPVC, with a toughed glass of 5mm.

Taking The First Step

Above all, by selecting a builder with experience building in fire-prone areas, the process does not need to be challenging.

At ATN Constructions, we have experience building up to BAL FZ rated homes and will assist you throughout the whole process. Our expertise will guarantee we use the materials required to build a beautiful and safe home for you and your family.

Ready to start? Contact ATN Constructions today to build your dream home.

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