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Building new home

Building A New Home? Here’s Where To Start…

Have you always wanted to build your very own custom home but don’t know where to start? Within this blog, we will unpack all the preliminary steps to get you started.
Building a new home can get overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. We know that if you follow these core steps, you will have all the information you need.

1. Planning

When it comes to planning, we are not talking about your current situation. Essentially, if you are here to build your forever home, you need to think about what your home situation will be like a decade from now. So, at this point, you need to ask yourself and potentially a partner some big questions.
Are you planning to have kids or more kids?
Will your kids be moving out soon?
Could elderly parents eventually move in?
These questions will differ depending on your situation, but it is ideal to have the future in mind to prevent making changes later down the track.

2. Compare To Your Current Situation

Before you start diving into a design, it is ideal to think about what you lack in your current living situation. Potentially you need more storage space? An office? Larger living area?
Whatever it may be, it is beneficial to consider what you will need to improve these areas. The last thing you want is to create a beautiful new home and realise that you still don’t have enough pantry space.

3. Must-Haves

We all have things that we want and things we ‘must-have’ for our new home. To illustrate, potentially, you would love a statement grand staircase, but you must have at least two bathrooms.
At this stage, get a pen and paper out to create a list of elements that are a ‘must-have.’ Next, create a ‘wish list’ of what you would like to include; if your budget allows for it.
This step helps to prioritise the most important elements to avoid using valuable space on areas that are a want rather than a need. Of course, different people in your family may have different needs, so they must be involved in the process.

4. Budget

Though it may be a little daunting, we all know this step is mandatory. When having an in-depth budget discussion, it is worthwhile to ask yourself one core question.
‘How much are you willing to invest in this project?’
During this discussion, it is essential to consider the level of finishes and appliances you will be choosing. These selections will make a significant impact on the overall price. If more high-end appliances are a ‘must-have,’ that is no issue! Consider what areas you are willing to compromise on to reach your ideal budget.


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5. Create A Rough Design

Now that you have taken the time to think your project through, the next step is to create a design. Eventually, we will be leaving this to the professionals, of course. However, we are forming a rough outline to have these conversations with our future builders, architects, and designers.
At this point, it is best to gain an understanding of the land you are working with and how much you can use. Whether it is a knockdown and rebuild or you have purchased a new lot, it is helpful to review the ‘NSW Housing Code- A guide to complying development.’ This document will provide you with valuable information regarding how much land you can use for your build and much more.
(Free download option below)
Using a program like ‘Sketchup‘ for example can help map out your design, including your ideal layout.

6. Get Your Documents Ready

Before we reach our final preliminary step, we need to get all the necessary documents ready. In most cases, you will need a site survey, which may have been provided to you when purchasing your land or property. This document provides a land map, including formations, slopes, features, heights, and dimensions. If you do not have access to this document, this can be arranged for you by your builder.

7. Find The Right Builder For You

Now, for the final stage of this ‘getting started’ process, finding your builder. This step is quite significant, as this person will be in your life for several months.
At ATN Constructions, we have the capabilities and experience to make your dream home a reality. During this phase, we can recommend vetted architects and designers to form your dream team.
ATN will then take the necessary steps to gain all the required approvals, such as DA or CDC. Keep in mind the approval process can take between 20-90 days to complete depending on the council and the project. Therefore, it is ideal to start this process as soon as possible. But not to worry, we will be there every step of the way to support you.

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Lucky for you, your dream home starts here!
We are just one call away on (02) 9809 2644 or send us an email at info@atnconstructions.com.au.

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