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ATN’s Appearance on Australia’s Best House Season 2: Showcasing our luxury home in Cabarita

Australia is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, exquisite beaches, and extraordinary wildlife. However, it’s also home to some of the world’s most innovative and stylish homes. Thus, we were overjoyed when our project got selected to be showcased on the second season of Australia’s Best House. In this article, we will explore how our appearance on the show highlights the magnificence and creativity of Australian homes.

The Show

Australia’s Best House is a beloved television series that features some of the most exceptional homes in the country. Each season, a panel of judges travels throughout Australia to discover the most unique, innovative, and stunning homes. The show not only highlights their design, architecture and quality but also the stories and inspiration behind them. It’s a celebration of Australian homes and the people who make them special. To top it off, season two was hosted by the lovely Megan Gale and broadcasted on 9NOW and 9Life.

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Our Project

Located in the beautiful suburb of Cabarita in Sydney, this unique and lavish house boasts breathtaking water views right in its backyard. The design is maximalist and inspired by boutique hotels, offering both luxury and comfort. Living in this house is like being on vacation every day. With no painted walls, the house experiments with texture and colour, creating an elegant and opulent atmosphere. Our goal for this project was to build a high-end family home that seamlessly blends luxury and liveability. 

As our segment host, Briellyn Turton, said, “One of the most impressive things about it is it feels so grand, yet I feel so welcome… It is built in a way that is really impressive, but I’m not afraid to touch things.”

Surprisingly, our team built this project ten years ago, but as our company director, Tom, said, it feels like it was built yesterday. The construction process was not without its challenges, as the site was located on a sloping block, which made access difficult for the construction team. However, our team at ATN rose to the challenge and used their expertise and experience to overcome these obstacles. They employed innovative construction techniques to ensure the stability and structural integrity of the home while maintaining the desired design aesthetic. Despite the challenges, the project was completed successfully and has stood the test of time.

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The Segment

On the day of the show, we discovered that “Sky is the Limit” was our category, which meant our home was being compared to some of the most high-end homes in the country. Although we were up against some incredible homes, we were glad that our project was able to hold its own in such a huge category. Additionally, we were the only Sydney residents in this category, which made us incredibly proud. As Briellyn said, “Regardless of whether you’re a maximalist or not, how spectacular was that place?”

Briellyn’s statement perfectly captures the awe-inspiring nature of our project and highlights the exceptional quality we aim to achieve. Our project’s recognition alongside the most luxurious homes in the country was truly a remarkable achievement. Not to mention, we believe our director’s first time behind the camera was a great success!

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Being featured on Australia’s Best House Season 2 has been an incredible experience for our team. It has not only brought attention to our project but also to the amazing homes and designs in Australia. As custom home builders, we love any opportunity to build homes that push the boundaries for luxury homes in Australia. We are proud to have been a part of this celebration of Australian homes and hope to continue to inspire others with our work. Have you seen our project on the show? Be sure to watch our segment and let us know what you think! 



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