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Design Mistakes

9 Biggest Home Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

When it comes to designing your new home, there are many things to consider. Will your decisions be practical once you move in? Do not fear! In this blog, we have come up with some of the biggest home design mistakes to avoid.

You can thank us later!


Using Dark Furniture in Small Spaces

Design mistakes


To start, we want to make the most out of each room and setting in your new home.

 If you have a smaller room, it is ideal to stay away from dark furniture, flooring, and walls. When multiple dark elements are close together, it causes shadowing, making the room appear full. This design can give off a more cluttered look. Of course, if you have a large space, you can go wild with the dark furniture!



Lacking Adequate Lighting

Design Mistakes


A big no-no!

Lighting is essential for many reasons, so you want to make sure you have a lot of it. In your new home, you will want at least one window in each room, (unless you like that jail cell, dungeon kind of look.) The reason is that you will need natural light to be your main source of light, as it is the most flattering and efficient. By incorporating a skylight, it will add three times the amount of light as a standard window.

Do you ever not have adequate lighting when cooking or prepping in the kitchen? To combat this, add an LED strip underneath your upper cabinets for an extra boost of light.




Not Enough Storage



Of course, when designing a new home, the excitement goes into those main spaces like kitchen and entertaining areas, but we can’t overlook storage space! When it comes to unpacking and living in your new home, you will need it.

Make sure to allocate space for a linen closet, preferably near your bedrooms. Perhaps an inbuilt linen closest will be a good option, so it will be more subtle but have sufficient space.



Flawed Flow



As we know, the layout of a home needs to be practical. We do not want your guests having to walk up a flight of stairs and past five rooms before they reach the bathroom. This layout can impact your guests’ experience and can be hard to explain to each new guest.

We also want to consider noise. When choosing the location of your bedrooms ideally, we do not want them close to a busy road or garage. Unless you like to wake up to the soothing sound of beeping horns, which is fine, but not really.



Incorrect Placement Of Kitchen

Placement of Kitchen


As one of the most used rooms in some homes, the location of the kitchen can be detrimental. Ideally, you will want to ensure it is near a garage or back entrance so you can bring in groceries with ease. Of course, we will need our kitchen to be right next to our dining area as I am sure you don’t want to be carrying scolding hot soup across the whole house.

Now, if we are talking about a family home, it is beneficial to have a line of sight to your backyard and living areas. Having your island with an installed sink or cooktop can allow you to be facing towards the action. This feature is also valuable when entertaining to ensure you do not miss out on all the fun! 


Poor Bathroom Layout And Placement

Bathroom layout


When it comes to bathrooms, we do need a little thought about their layout and placement. If you have a shared bathroom for your kids, it is beneficial to section off your toilet and shower area if you have the space. This addition will significantly reduce the number of sibling fights; we have all been there! And for extra peace, a double sink.

In addition, having your bathroom open into a family/living space is also a big home design mistake. For extra privacy, try locating the bathroom in an area close by, potentially around the corner or off the nearest corridor.



Not Prioritizing Greenery

Design mistakes



There is just something magical about a room filled with greenery.

Many people focus so much on furniture and art in their new home that they forget how beneficial it is to incorporate greenery. Preferably, low maintenance live plants. Although, if you do not have a green thumb, some great artificial plants will work well. Apart from looking great, incorporating greenery also adds warmth and a more friendly atmosphere to the home. They also can boost your mood, productivity and helps purify the air.

Need I say more?




Not Measuring The Room

Design Mistakes



“One of the most common interior design mistakes people make is relying on the eye to measure a space. Instead of purchasing furniture pieces because it’s your favourite, consider the overall volume of the space.” – Mikel Welch.

The worst thing you can do is go to the shop and buy a winning piece, to find out it is way too big for the space. To save yourself time and money, measure the room and even draw up a rough layout. This tip will give you a much better understanding to perfectly fit your furniture to the area.

It is all about proportion, proportion, proportion.





Design Mistakes



Lastly, we need to talk about orientation.

As we live in Australia, we need to take advantage of the north-facing sun. If possible, have your main traffic areas facing the north. Choosing the best orientation will allow you to retain more heat during winter and benefit from longer-lasting natural light.

As we said earlier, the more natural light we have, the better!






And there you have it! I hope this list of home design mistakes will help you greatly when tackling your next construction project.

But hey, if you need any further help, do not hesitate to contact our specialist team at ATN Constructions on (02) 9809 2644.

We will assist you every step of the way.