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4 Reasons To Consider A Knockdown-Rebuild

Choosing to knock down and rebuild your home can be a scary decision to make. But as the saying goes, ‘if it doesn’t scare you, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.’ Here are 4 reasons why a knockdown-rebuild may be perfect for you.


Keep Your Dream Location

If you are in a great location but have found that your existing home no longer suits your lifestyle, why give up your area?
Potentially your home is close to your kids’ school or in an ideal neighbourhood. By choosing to knock down your current home, you get to keep your dream location, while also gaining the benefits of a new home. Working with an existing structure can often be costly and difficult for builders. Starting new often means fewer site access troubles or issues working with the existing foundations, therefore increasing productivity and efficiency.


Buy Old, Build New

If you’re on the hunt for a new home and have found land with value and great potential, but the house is old and not well kept. This is your time to make this investment worthwhile by demolishing the older house and building a new contemporary home. When renovating an older home, you may find some nasty surprises such as asbestos, poor wiring or leaking pipes. These surprises can allow your project to become much larger than anticipated.


Improve resale

If you have bought a home or are currently living in a sought-after area, this is a great resale opportunity. This investment is especially beneficial if the area does not have vacant land available. If resale is an interest of yours, completing a knockdown-rebuild project can improve your investment immensely.


Energy efficient

Additionally, the main benefit of a knockdown-rebuild is that you can create a more sustainable, energy-efficient home that a renovation may not achieve. This decision can provide the opportunity to use sustainable options throughout the whole build.
As a result, the home’s carbon footprint can be improved, while energy spending is reduced.



Of course, to have a positive knockdown-rebuild experience you need to choose an experienced building company. That is where ATN Constructions comes in! 

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