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A Closer Look At Our Luxury Renovation In Cabarita

If you read our recent interview with the director of ATN Constructions Thomas Nuzzo, you’ll know that one of the ways our business differs from many others is that we relish at the chance to take on challenging projects.

The luxury construction job we completed in Cabarita – a suburb in Sydney’s Inner West – is a perfect example. The project was a finalist in the HIA Housing Awards and stands as one of the biggest jobs our team has achieved.

The four-storey waterfront residence boasts features like an inverted glass roof foyer; a stucco-finished three-storey staircase; an internal elevator; striking sandstone walls – supported off a centre blade wall only; marble fittings; mosaic tiling throughout the bathrooms and pool, and state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.

The home, to put it simply, is luxury epitomised.

Thomas Nuzzo gave us a little more insight into this luxury construction job:

“The complexity of the job was the location and the steepness of the property. We had to do a six-metre vertical cut in sandstone at the front of the property. [It] took multiple excavators and rock-saw to cut and dispose of over 240 truck and trailer loads of material… Access on and off the property was an issue. That [element] made things harder,” he said.

“It’s also a waterfront property. The excavation of the pool, in particular, was extremely difficult because the pool was below the water table. The excavation work was pretty much under water. And the construction of the pool was under the water table which proved to be a challenge.”   

In the end, however, the project was a complete success:

“It’s a magnificent job,” Tom continued.

“The level of finish was extremely high. The property was submitted to the HIA housing awards and it was runner-up to a $20 million-plus job which had a bowling alley in it… Ours was a $5 million build.”

“The [HIA] guys who inspected the house said it’s the best house they’ve ever seen.”

View our full gallery from this luxury construction project here.

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