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A Closer Look At Our Hunter’s Hill Renovation

Throughout our 20 years in the home-building industry, we’ve been able to work on a number of renovation jobs that we’re incredibly proud of. We thought we’d shine some light on a few of those projects. This week, we’re taking a closer look at a recent renovation in Hunter’s Hill. The project was a second storey addition.

Speaking to Luke Nuzzo, one of our team members on the job, he explained that:

“We had to build an internal steel frame to support the upper storey, as well as fixing the existing foundations of the house by putting in new piers for the entire lower level.”

“Our goals were to renew the home to create an open and modernised look to the property. The challenges were correcting all the defects that had occurred over time – being such an old building – so it could blend in with the new works, without showing the transition from new to old.”

The result was a dream home at the incredibly high standard the ATN Constructions team always strives for. Take a peek through some of our photos from the job below to gain a better understanding of how the property came together.



As you can see from photos of the renovation, this Hunter’s Hill home has been transformed into a modern property. By attending to the foundations and updating the structure, this home has retained its character while being significantly elevated.

Needless to say, our clients were thrilled with their new home – which is always the priority for us.

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