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5 Common Client Fears When Choosing A Builder, And How To Avoid Them

Will they produce high-quality work? Will the work be completed by the expected timeframe? Will I be able to communicate with my builder easily? Will they be precise? Are there warning signs of the company going broke that I could miss? These may be just a few fears running through your mind when it comes to choosing the best builder for you. Within this blog, we will unpack all the common fears client’s feel when choosing a builder, and discover how to avoid them. 

So, let’s dive into areas these areas a little more closely to help you navigate your uncertainty.  

  1. Quality 

When it comes to the most prominent client fear, it is not surprising that the quality of work is at the top of the list. Here are some of the main concerns that come to mind when considering the quality of your new home and the potential consequences:  

  • If the workmanship is poor and not up to standard, this means there will be an increase in maintenance on your new home.  
  • When materials selected are not of high quality and best suited for the application, this will reduce the longevity of your home and result in these materials needing to be replaced. 
  • Once shortcuts have been taken there are risks of significant structural issues unfolding after the handover, causing more money for you in the future.   
  1. Time  

If you are deciding on building your dream home, it is most likely that you have a time frame of when you would like this work completed.   

Potentially there is a special event in your new home that you will be hosting or a baby on the way. Whatever it may be, it is clear that not meeting your set completion date can lead to the following:

  • The building process taking longer than expected due to works or delays, which means that you will not be in your new home for your special event.   
  • Not meeting the settlement date of a property sale, causing a further bridging loan to be required.   
  • If leasing costs or temporary accommodation expires, this means other temporary accommodation will be needed or an unplanned extension on the current accommodation or lease.   
  1. Communications 

To be able to have open communication is an essential part of the building process and can be a determining factor between a pleasant or unpleasant building experience. With the absence of good client to builder communication, you may find the following:  

  • When regular progress updates are not being provided, this causes changes to cost and time frame to not be discussed and a lack of transparency.
  • Not feeling confident about what the end product will be, which heightens levels of stress and uncertainty about what is taking place on your dream custom home.  
  • If no cost-saving or alternate options are provided or discussed, this will lead to going over your ideal budget which may have been avoidable.    
    1. Precision  

Before tackling this project, there may be some doubts about if the job is being completed with precision. Some of the worries that may cross your mind and their potential consequences are:  

  • Not having accurate drawings or details, means that you have not been shown the best depiction of what your new home will look like and include.   
  • When tradespeople working on your property are not qualified or experienced, this will result in their work being redone as it is not up to standard, wasting time and money.   
  • If a detailed site inspection has not completed before the commencement of works, this will cause the drawing to be changed later in the process as it is not suitable for the land and project.   
  1. Builders going broke 

Building your new home should be an exciting process, especially when left in the hands of a professional and experienced builder. The final fear that may be felt by those who are choosing to build their dream home is missing the red flags indicating you are working with a financially unstable building company:   

  •  By not speaking to previous clients, you play the risk of missing valuable information about if the builder has shown signs of not being financially stable.   
  • When a quote is much cheaper than others received, this means they potentially have missed details or will have unexpected charges later in the process.   
  • If you haven’t checked the builder’s experience or previous work, the company may have only completed smaller projects and is not in a position financially to complete your job.  


With over 20 years of experience, the team at ATN Constructions are all about helping you make informed decisions when it comes to your dream home.    

 As a professional and proficient builder, Thomas Nuzzo and his team at ATN Constructions have presented their strategies to best ease the uncertainties of their clients. For more information on these strategies, download our solutions guide 




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